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From July 4 to September 15 2019

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© Charles Delcourt
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« Human Planet! Until 15 September 2019 »

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Europe is a territory very well connected, expanded, linked together by high-performance networks that bring together this cosmopolitan ensemble.

Recently, the climate marches by the youth in Paris, Brussels and Madrid also showed a motivated Europe moving together with common agendas. For this photo contest, participants must show European citizens engaged in crucial challenges (social as well as environmental), but also demonstrate how a responsible use of technology can aide limiting human impact on the earth while creating new models that are more respectful of the environment.

Your photos must show these challenges and unveil a responsible practice of technology, benefiting not only as large a number of people as possible, but also our planet.

A professional jury will elect the best images.

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© Kevin Faingnaert
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Our outstanding jury

Charles Delcourt (Photographer)

Charles Delcourt studied to be a landscape architect. One finds in his photographs a sharp sense of composition, a precision in the mise-en-scène of people and things.

Charles works in colour to connect his photographs and subjects. And he does not avoid discrepancies - plays with our well-reasoned convictions, disconcerts us with the veiled references in his photographic works. He goes by in this world, without a doubt, as a smiling and benign traveller.

He is regularly published in Le Monde, GEO, Courrier International, L’Express, Le Parisien, Pelerin,, Le Moniteur, ELLE, L’Alpe, Réponses photo, Vivre Paris, Fisheye, La vie, Océan indien mag, AKoz, 2512, Vues d'ailleurs, Kwélafé, etc.

Kevin Faingnaert (Photographer)

Born in 1986, Kevin lives and works in Gent, Belgium. After a degree in sociology, he decided to dedicate himself to photography and considers it be a form of social documentary that concentrates on living communities on the margins of the society. He loves to travel to different places and shoot interesting people. Kevin is also focused on small and isolated communities. To feel different cultures and feel how people live, he observes and participates in community life. He won the Zeiss Photography Award in 2017 for his series “Føroyar”, as well as a nomination for Joop Masterclass in 2016 and 2017. His work has been published in numerous magazines like Wired, National Geographic, Feature Shoot, Vice, This is, Fisheye, etc.

When not shooting photos Kevin Faingnaert can be found hanging around the darkroom, ripping his arms off his body at the climbing hall, or riding his bike to the pub.

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In the past 3 years, the group Orange has established a close tie-up with Wipplay, a start-up dedicated to popular, talented and spontaneous photography. For Orange, a company that discovers, supports and promotes the most promising start-ups, to be associated with Wipplay was but natural to incarnate the desire to advance the world that surrounds them.

The platform gives rise to occasions where one can show their talents, by calling for photographic contributions on a weekly basis, open to one and all : budding photographers, established or professionals.

Wipplay engages in taking over and inspiring its own community with original themes for photography contests. With a “large depth of field”, the Wipplay team nourishes the creativity of more than 60 000 contributors and awakens new prodigies each day. Popular photography is fully realised here.

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