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From September 18 to November 25 2019

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© Karol Palka

Grand photo competition

« Human Planet! Until 25 November 2019 »

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Here's a photo contest to reveal your augmented reality! The aim? A positive interpretation of technological progress that must place Europeans at heart of your image. We want you to show us a potential new individual : organisation, leisure, simplification, efficiency, time-saving tricks, etc. Up to you to unearth situations that illustrate your aim in the best way possible. Going beyond the "enriched me" ambiance, also show individual engagement and their new freedom that flows from a positive input of technologies when each person takes up their part in the bigger responsibilities that underline a reasonable usage of technologies!
br />An exceptional jury consisting of Karol Palka (photographer) shall reunite to select the most beautiful images. Moreover, the ones that win the most votes shall be placed on the podium of the internet users.

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© Karol Palka
© Karol Palka
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Karol Palka (Photographer)

Karol Palka (1991) is a Polish photographer graduated from the Krzysztof Kieslowski Film Department in Katowice University and Wajda School in Warsaw. Currently, he has been pursuing doctoral studies at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. He is a member of the Association of Polish Art Photographers.

His works has been awarded at Lensculture Emerging Talent Awards 2017, PDN Photo Annual 2016, La Quatrieme Image - Young Talents 2017, IPA Awards, Prix de la Photographie and published in magazines such as British Journal of Photography, The Calvert Journal, GUP Magazine, L’Œil de la Photographie.

© Julien Mauve
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Human Inside

Le progrès technologique n’a de sens que mis au service de l'humain et de son environnement. Cette philosophie du groupe Orange - appelée HUMAN INSIDE - se décline sur trois univers d'innovation que nous vous proposons d'illustrer à l'occasion de concours photographiques :

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In the past 3 years, the group Orange has established a close tie-up with Wipplay, a start-up dedicated to popular, talented and spontaneous photography. For Orange, a company that discovers, supports and promotes the most promising start-ups, to be associated with Wipplay was but natural to incarnate the desire to advance the world that surrounds them.

The platform gives rise to occasions where one can show their talents, by calling for photographic contributions on a weekly basis, open to one and all : budding photographers, established or professionals.

Wipplay engages in taking over and inspiring its own community with original themes for photography contests. With a “large depth of field”, the Wipplay team nourishes the creativity of more than 60 000 contributors and awakens new prodigies each day. Popular photography is fully realised here.

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